Fabrizio Nannini

I started working as a professional photographer in 1996, shooting sport worldwide, ranging from fitness to swimwear, plus athletes and celebrities’ portraiture. Years later, I decided to settle down back in Milan and dedicate myself completely to the more challenging, complex and highly demanding world of architectural, still life, and fashion photography, which is actually my everyday’s work. My skills include: writer and editorialist, licensed ENAC APR (UAV) Operator, Drone Pilot for CRITICAL OPERATION I.APRA.005968 (CRO), underwater photographer and filmmaker, FISSS survival instructor and expert, certified Mental Coach. I’m also the author of an highly acclaimed textbook on survival psychology, Mental Survival, published by Hoepli in 2016, actually on its second reprint. I am a native speaker in Italian, very fluent in English, can communicate a little in French and Spanish, and I master a tiny bit of Swahili too.

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