Lucio D.Pontoni

I am Filmmaker and Director of Photography. I’ve been working as an artist and technician for nearly 20 years. I’ve worked, professionally, as a Cameraman and Director of Photography throughout my career. The art and craft of cinematic storytelling have been, and continue to be, very rewarding. Now, more than ever, the possibilities are more alluring and seemingly boundless. However, even as the tools of Digital Cinematography continue to become more refined, economical and accessible, one thing remains clear: ideas, story and talent remain key. It is my hope to have the opportunity to collaborate with as many as would work with me to create images and stories that are able to accomplish the challenging and demanding needs of a client. In my field I’ve been involved in projects that covers a very different approaches in between them. This gave me the experience and confidence to deliver products that can achieve an unique vision in the constant evolving present video market.

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